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Conflict got you down?  Are you feeling the effects of a crisis, personal loss or transition in your office? Do you struggle to treat patients with emotional or physical pain?  If so, Dr. Kim Harms, The Dental Mediator can help!

Dr Harms Speaks at  Entrepreneurial Bootcamp

Dr. Harms has a long history of a life in dentistry and shared some of that information with new dentists at the Minnesota Dental Association's first Entrepreneur Bootcamp.

Conflict, Grief and Transition Management

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Seminars and Workshops for Groups Large and Small

Exceptional Clinical Dentistry is a must when developing a successful practice, however, even the best clinical care can be undone in the patient's mind by an uncomfortable experience in the office.  The slightest hint of antagonism, competition, bitterness or resentment among team members can destroy the trust that should result from an otherwise outstanding clinical care.  If emotional loss or illness is involved in the equation, the results can be catastrophic.  Dental professionals need to be proactive in creating a harmonious workplace environment that gives patients and team members  a safe and predictable  path to understanding each other's needs, resolving conflict and preventing an office crisis.


Neutralize Your Nightmares:  Promote Office Harmony Through Structured  Conflict Management

When the Pain is in the Brain:  How to Encourage Patients and Staff Struggling with Emotional Illness and Grief.


The Pain Wars:  Acute vs Chronic:  Confessions of a Pain Rehab Graduate

To Floss or not to Floss:  That is the Question:

Help your patients navigate the confusing and often conflicting  oceans of internet recommendations and become their most trusted source of  oral health information.



Why Choose Dr. Harms?

Dr. Harms offers a unique perspective in the areas of crisis, loss, transition and conflict management.  She draws from 30 years of clinical dentistry practice in both public health and private practice settings, teaching experience (dental students and residents) at Loyola University School of Dentistry and numerous leadership roles. Dr. Harms is an award-winning author, international lecturer, and former National Spokesperson for the American Dental Association. She is a Qualified Neutral (Civil) Mediator in the State of Minnesota where she accepts and documents initial complaint calls from unhappy patients for MDA's Peer Review program.

Dr. Harms has also personally experienced catastrophic loss including the suicide deaths of her mother and son, permanent nerve damage to her drilling fingers ending her clinical career and cancer, organ transplant and heart surgeries affecting her husband and dental partner Jim.  Dr. Harms is also a former grief counselor.

For 21 years Dr. Harms, in her role as a Consumer Advisor and National Spokesperson for the American Dental Association, has appeared on their behalf on the Today Show, CNN, Fox News, National Public Radio and network affiliates such as CBS, NBC, and ABC.  In addition, she has been quoted in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Consumers Digest, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Buzz Feed, Shape Magazine, and Cosmopolitan. 

Her article Keeping Out of Harms Way: Pearls, Pitfalls and Lurking Perils of a Life in Dentistry received the International College of Dentistry's Leadership in Journalism Award for 2016.  Other national awards include the American Dental Association's Access to Care Award and the American Student Dental Association's Advocate of Excellence Award.

Dr. Harms' mission is to help participants gain the knowledge and skills to be able to work their way through inevitable loss, transition, conflict, and grief.

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Customized Office Transition, Grief or Conflict Management Programs.

Whether you are in need of assistance for a specific conflict, grief or office transition issue, or you would like to train your own  office conflict managers, Dr. Harms can help.  She would be happy to visit your office in person or virtually to customize a program to meet your needs.  Her ultimate goal is to create a harmonious working environment in your office.  In order to maintain that harmony, she also offers follow up services for  weeks, months or even indefinitely.

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International Service and Experience

The Eric Harms Memorial Libraries in Rwanda were developed by Dr Harms in memory of her son, Eric.  Working through Books for Africa she has sent over 140,000 books (including two Law Libraries) to schools all across the country.  She has also lectured and provided books and computers to the University of Rwanda Dental School.  Dr Harms is the current President of The Delegation for Friendship Among Women, a group devoted to empowering women in emerging and frequently conflict recovering nations.  Much of her conflict management material was inspired by her experiences in Rwanda, Tanzania,  Mongolia, Georgia and Armenia.  Locally, Dr Harms was elected Chair of the Farmington, MN,  School Board, where she served for 14 years.  She was the first woman President of The Minnesota Dental Association, Chair of the American Dental Association's Council on Communications, member of the ADA's Council on Governmental Affairs and Vice Chair of The Union Gospel Mission Board.

What a Joy!

I had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Kimberly Harms speak at the Academy of General Dentistry 2019 on the subject of Conflict Management. As a dental consultant working “in office” with dental practices since 1989, I know how important this subject is for emotional and financial success. Dr. Harms spoke from a position of compassion and vast experience to a very interested audience. Her book Neutralize your Nightmares is helpful in managing patient conflict and complaints as well as challenges within the team. Every attendee to this course left with very specific actions to implement on Monday. I would definitely attend any course I see Dr. Harms is giving in the future.

Janice Hurley

Dentistry’s Image Expert