30 Years of Dental, Grief, Conflict and Transition Management Experience 

When it comes to Dentistry, Dr. Harms has been around the block a few times!  She has worked as a member of the uniformed services (Coast Guard), a state employee, a federal employee, an associate, a leader and spokesperson for organized dentistry and for 25 years, as a private practice owner.   She is thrilled to partner with her daughter and dental legal specialist, Hillary Becchetti.

Hillary Becchetti Esq.

Founder of The Dental Mediator

Hillary Becchetti founded Pine Lake Law specifically to focus on the needs of dental professionals.  Her background was previously in criminal and family law.  Both of Hillary's parents were dentists and she began working in the dental office as a teenager.  Her knowledge of the inner workings of a dental office give her a valuable perspective into the legal needs of her clients.  The Dental Mediator, a branch of Pine Lake Law, was her brainchild as she realized the need for an in office conflict management program for dental offices to prevent the need for official legal services.  

Kimberly Harms D.D.S.

Dr Harms was asked by her daughter and lawyer, Hillary Becchetti,   to develop a program to help prevent the need for legal interventions in the dental office and also to help dental professionals manage practice transitions, loss and grief.  Her past experience (see below) in leadership and as an author, international speaker, grief counselor and mediator make her uniquely qualified and the The Dental Mediator was born! 

After a 30 year career in clinical dentistry, and 21 years as a National Spokesperson for the American Dental Association, Dr. Harms has seen the importance of positive communication, management of conflict and relationship building first hand.  Her goal is to help untangle problems and support those with grief issues by sharing that accumulated knowledge with seminar attendees.


Kimberly Harms D.D.S. has been around the block when it comes to dentistry.  She practiced dentistry as an enlisted officer in the U.S. Public Health Service, as a dental associate, and for most of her career as a co-owner (with her husband Jim) of a private practice in Farmington MN.  She developed a pilot project for the State of Minnesota to deliver care to developmentally disabled patients living in group homes which is still going strong 28 years later.   Dr. Harms was honored to serve as a Clinical Assistant Professor in the areas of operative and hospital dentistry at Loyola University Medical Center and School of Dentistry.  

Dr. Harms was the first woman president of the Minnesota Dental Association and served on the American Dental Association's Council on Governmental Affairs representing the 10th District.  She was also Chair of the American Dental Association's Council on Communications.  Dr. Harms has lectured internationally and has worked with dental schools in Mongolia and Rwanda and women's groups in Georgia and Armenia.  

For 21 years, Dr. Harms served as a National Spokesperson and Consumer Advisor for the American Dental Association and appeared on their behalf on the Today Show, CNN, Fox News, National Public Radio and network affiliates such as CBS, NBC, and ABC.  In addition, she has been quoted in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, USA Today, Chicago Tribune, Consumer's Digest,  Buzz Feed, Shape Magazine, Good Housekeeping, Cosmopolitan and numerous other print and internet publications.  Her article Keeping out of Harms Way: Pearls, Pitfalls and Lurking Perils of a life in Dentistry received the International College of Dentists Leadership in Journalism Award for 2016.

Dr. Harms is a former grief counselor and currently is a "Qualified Neutral" (Civil Mediator) in the state of Minnesota where she manages the patient complaint intake for the MDA's Peer Review program.


Dr. Harms Graduated from the University of Maryland School of Dentistry (1981) and completed a General Practice Residency at Loyola University Medical Center


President: Minnesota Dental Association

Chair: American Dental Association's Council on Communications

10th District Representative: American Dental Association's Council on Government Affairs

Fellow, Former President Upper Midwest District: American College of Dentists

Fellow, International College of Dentists

American Dental Association Access to Care Award

American Student Dental Association Advocate of Excellence Award

International College of Dentists Leadership in Journalism Award

First Friend: University of Rwanda

Minnesota Dental Association's Distinguished Service Award

Mshale Newspaper's African Founders Award


President : Delegation for Friendship Among Women (an international advocacy group for women in emerging countries)

Chair, Farmington School Board:  (Elected Board Member 1986-2000)

Vice-Chair, Union Gospel Mission Board

Women of Tomorrow (Country of Georgia)

Ambassador and Container Captain Books for Africa

Eric Harms Memorial Libraries (160,000 books to 34 libraries in Rwanda so far)